Backtrack: How Now Brown Cow?

September 8
Well, Saturday saw me leaving Sudbury and headed as fast as I could book to Winnepeg, no, Thunder Bay, no, maybe WaWa.


You may remember a while back when I said I had been missing great pics of cows (and horses). I finally captured some in greater rural Ontario. However, as pictures speak louder than moos, I’ll let them tell most of this story.

I found a likely herd by the side of the road and stopped the car. Got out and loaded up my camera. I wanted a brown cow, so focused on those two you see in pic one. But, the white one (whom I call the “Watch Cow”) kept staring at me. Every now and then he’d bend his head over his shoulder to cow-right and then look at me again, so I decided to get his pic (could be a she for all I know). Then, I heard a moo in the distance. Whitey turned his head to look at the rest of the herd and then another more imperious moo sounded.

It happened very quickly after that. There were answering moos from here and there and of a sudden, whitey turned and ran, then the two brown ones wised up and turned, then they all did, leaping over each other to get away from the fence. I was so surprised that I didn’t snap those pics until they they ambled off the field. Reminded me of Farside.

Was it my breath? My zoom? I have been eating steak every night. Maybe it was just lunchtime in the pasture, but it sure felt more personal than that.

Maybe I should just stick to wooden cows. (I got some amazing moccasins at the Agawa Craft Centre  in Pancake Bay  below)