Later on July 10: Flourish and Blotts

I’m sitting in my room on Sunday evening writing this blog and listening to what are obviously fireworks, maybe getting ready for tomorrow night, the Catorze Julliet (Bastille Day). I’m going to try and figure out how to get downtown to see them, though they are at the Eiffel Tower and begin at 10:45 p.m., which means an interesting time getting back here through the darkey forest.

Anyway, last Thursday, when I left the Eiffel Tower, I got back on the Batobus and headed towards Saint Germain, or the Left Bank district. I passed by the Notre Dame Cathedrale, looking suitably louring in the overcast light.

I got off the Batobus at the Institute of France and headed towards Saint Germain through little streets (they weren’t really alleyways, though they looked like it). I spotted this amazing little book store that looked just like it was out Diagon Alley in Harry Potter’s world — a muggle’s version of Flourish and Blotts.



The proprietor recommended an Italian bistro around the corner, the Ristorante Pepone, for a bon marche (cheap but good) dinner. I had a salade gourmande with Magre fume (smoked ham), un bloc de foie gras and noix (walnuts) over lettuce; for the main course I had a faux filet au gorgonsola (perfectly rare stip loin and vermicelli spaghetti with a gorgonzola cheese sauce, and a mousse au chocolat for dessert — all for 12.50 Euro, which I thought was a good deal. I also had a of tulipe of champagne, which I don’t usually drink, but it cost the same as vin ordinaire, so what the heck.

Across the street was a more Parisien looking crepery, but even though it looked open, no one went in or out.

Afterwards, I caught the Batobus and got off at the Hotel de Ville to catch the Metro and caught a pic of this snooty lion.