Earth Dog

2018 Year of the Earth Dog

Earth Dog
1898, 1958, 2018
What Theodora Lau has to say

“This Dog will be an impartial dispenser of sound advice and justice. An efficient and constructive thinker, he moves slowly and to good purpose. He is faithful to his beliefs but will bow to majority rule. Vigilant and careful he will appreciate the proper use of money and power and have a fixed scale of values from which he seldom deviates.

“Quiet, kind-hearted but secretive, he will understand how to inspire others and instruct them wisely. Yet because of his high moral standards and unfailing idealism, he tends to over-perform and may demand excessive dedication and loyalty from others.

“A good fighter and an equally good survivor, this Dog is practical and less sentimental. The realistic Earth Dog will value his individualism and self-powers bestowed on him and will delegate duties with a keen eye as to other people’s potentials. He is never totally crushed by defeat nor overconfident in victory.”  (From the Handbook of Chinese Horoscopes by Theodora Lau. Harper & Row publishers © 1979)

Poem about the Earth Dog

The martial strains have summoned me
to hear your sorrows,
still your pain.
I am the protector of justice
Equality my sole friend.
My vision is never blurred by cowardice,
my soul never chained.
Life without Honour
is life in vain.


From the Handbook of Chinese Horoscopes by Theodora Lau.
Harper & Row publishers © 1979