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What do I look like?

This is a photograph taken of me in 2005 by my son, Stan Schroeder, off the Rim of the World Highway near Crestline, California.

Sept 2: Glooscap and Rouge Ordinaire

Halifax to Saint John Left home in the Tibetan manner – in my own time – about 10:30 am. Don’t seem to have forgotten anything. Made sure to say a loving goodbye to my son, Zeb, since I may be gone for two months. “When will you be back? Six weeks?” “Well, about.” “In October?”… Read more »

Caterpillars and Borders

September 3 and 4, Maine and Annie It’s Thursday, and I’m sitting on the steps of the Barnet Public Library. It doesn’t open until noon, but hey, it has wireless whereas everywhere else I’ve been doesn’t seem to, and I need to be on the road to Ottawa before then, so I’ll make this a… Read more »


September 4 I spent the day with my friend Annie, Georgiann, Georgia Cooper, the inimitable. We’ve known each other since we lived in Berkeley, California back in the mid 70s. Her son, Grey, and mine, Zeb, were friends. She used to live with Jessie Miller, whom some of you might know. Annie’s the kind of… Read more »

Sudbury, Ontario, 9/8/97

September 8, 2007 Decided perhaps I’d best catch up straight away to let you know where I am, which is the sort-of-glorious town of Sudbury, Ontario, home of base-metal mining. I’m going to begin using the date when I’m actually writing at the top of the post and then back track as I can. Basically,… Read more »

In Wawa, Home of the Big Bird

Can’t take long here. Got a big left-side neck-and-shoulder-muscle ache and had to sleep a lot, which is cool, but leaves less time to write. I’m trying to get to Winnepeg, but may not make it that far today, but close I’m thinking.  

Backtrack: White Mountains and Blue Skies

September 5 and 6 This is a backtrack to September 5, after my visit to Annie. As you may remember I was heading for Vermont and Suzann Duquette. White Mountains The day before I left Annie’s, I’d had my 80-km check (about 1000 km later) of the Buick’s “torque.” I’d had the front struts and… Read more »

Backtrack: How Now Brown Cow?

September 8 Well, Saturday saw me leaving Sudbury and headed as fast as I could book to Winnepeg, no, Thunder Bay, no, maybe WaWa.   You may remember a while back when I said I had been missing great pics of cows (and horses). I finally captured some in greater rural Ontario. However, as pictures… Read more »

September 9: Inuksuit Abounding

Sudbury to Wawa Just outside of Sudbury, I saw the Falconbridge nickel mine (at least I think it was the Falconbridge mine. I took a pic for the sake of my work as a Production Editor and Mining Analyst (of all things) at Metals Economics Group until I decided I didn’t like mining, nor capitalism… Read more »

Lake Superior and Secret Doors

September 12, 2007 I’m writing from Pam Johnson’s place (used to be Wimberley) in Regina, Saskatchewan. I keep getting hypnotized watching telly. They just aired a segment on eye laser surgery. Hmmm. Anyway, I’m trying to do a bit of catchup, so I can move along more smartly, though I’m getting to a phase where… Read more »