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9/15/07: Winnipeg to Regina

September 15. I’m sitting in the Lorraine and Frank’s “rec” room in Calgary writing this. I’ll be off tomorrow headed for B.C. Sorry it’s taken me so long to get to the keyboard, but my neck has been hurting, that unidentifiable kind of pain that feels like nails on chalkboard. So resting has been in… Read more »

9/16/07: Trippus Interruptus

September 15 Had a wonderful day with the Johns’. Went to the “Kensington” district with Frank to meet up with Amber Rutledge, who I’d met (mostly on-line) when I’d done a project for Chris Tamdjidi and Shambhala Europe. They were going to check out a a potential meeting place for a nascent Calgary Shambhala group…. Read more »

9/20/07 morning: Wild Flour and the Three Tows

September 20, 2007 Sorry guys for taking so long to make this post, but I’ve been somewhat trapped in Banff. I’m sitting in the Wild Flour Cafe eating granola, compote, and yogurt, drinking Free Trade “Three Sisters” mild coffee and cream, looking at what appears to be a rather threatening sky.¬†AND it has free wireless.¬†(As… Read more »

9/20/07 evening: Kamloops!!

Well just to let everyone know that I’ve made it to Kamloops!!! I’ve been in touch with Mark Hazell and will be there tomorrow night (barring unforseen¬†inauspiciousness). The top right photo is of a mountain in Banff Naitonal Park near where Lake Louise would be. Decided not to go there though so as not to… Read more »

9/23/07: Twilight Watch, Salt Springs, and Chainsaw Bears

Friday, Duncan, British Columbia Hello friends. It seems to be getting busier as time goes by. Ah, less time at “Inns” and more with friends. So, I had thought the Hazells lived on Salt Spring Island, but that was a mis-apprehension. They live in a little town (at least the postal code has this name)… Read more »

10/3/07 After the long Hiatus

Can’t take too long now, believe it or not, but I’m headed out from visiting with my brother, Frank, in Gold Beach, Oregon, which was very good. I’ll be visiting my “godparents” (I named them that) in Yuba City, California, who aren’t doing very well, and then on to Davis and the Mandels and then… Read more »

9/24/07: vultures and cheetahs, oh my!

Well, I arrived safely at my cousins Elva and Dale’s house in Roseburg. Quite tired but happy. I was a little nervous driving in, but that was dispelled immediately by the warm welcome I received. Elva looked like her pic (she sent me one standing next to a Cheetah), long grey braid, plaid shirt, white… Read more »

10/25-29/07: Discovering lineage, the Hamerstrom/Paulsons

Today, Tuesday, we went up to Crater Lake, an old volcano lake with a cone shaped tree-covered island in the middle called “Wizard’s Island.” Crater lake is amazing, the reflections of the sky make you dizzy, not knowing whether you are looking up or down. Elva and I traded turns using her camera to take… Read more »

10/01-02/07: Rustic Cabins & The Mother Tree

Last night I arrived in Gold Beach and found a great place to stay for a few days while I visited my brother. It was called the Ireland’s Rustic Lodges. I highly recommend it. I got a discount for being over 60, so it cost $80/night — pricey, but better than some others. It had… Read more »

10/03/07: Crab Shack and Dinosaurs

The next day my brother wanted to drive up the Coast to Brandon where we were going to have lunch at the Crazy Norwegians (as per Jan Wilcox, whose sister has a flower shop, that used to be a gas station right next door), but it wasn’t open, so we went to the Dock, a… Read more »