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10/26-10/28: Dead deer and Darrow

It wasn’t very far from Avoca to my next stop in Owatonna, Minnesota. As often happens, the scenery changed abruptly crossing the border to a kind of sturdy, wholesome autumn. There was a feeling of vast emptiness, but perhaps, from my point of view, more friendly — more trees and squirrels, wildlife, and hunters. Minnesota,… Read more »

10/28-10/31: Bee-lining to the Catskills

Heading out from Minneapolis, I did have a thought of visiting Chicago. I had wanted to take a picture of Jackson Park, where my aunt Ruby and Clarence Darrow’s ashes were spread and perhaps seeing if I couldn’t track down some information from the University of Chicago, or perhaps meet with a Mrs. Weinberg, who’s… Read more »

10/31-11/1: Halloween at Jan’s

Halloween. Woke up at the hotel in Binghamton and dawdled some because I thought I was pretty close to where Jan lived in Mt. Tremper (if I have the name right), near Woodstock, where if you blinked, you might end up in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, or Manhattan. But, of course, where someone like myself could… Read more »

11/1: End of the Rainbow: Last Post

The last stop on my Grand Tour was where I began, at my friend Annie’s in Brunswick, Maine. You can compare the two pics of the Androscoggin River ramp to see how long it took — from high summer to autumn. Annie was there when I arrived, reading her email. She’d had the other hip… Read more »

7 July — surprise laser surgery

So much excitement about going to Paris, fulfilling the beginning of a dream . . . of course, there had to be a dön (Buddhist term for “obstacle” or maybe fruition of a negative karmic situation) on the very day of my departure. In this case it was a detached retina. As said, I’d been… Read more »