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L’Alliance Francaise et Petanque

Having secured a place to stay, I decided it would be good to learn French before I went, so I signed up at L’Alliance Francaise down on Young Street, in Halifax. I can’t recommend it highly enough. It’s so much fun! I’m in debutante deux (wow, I didn’t know I could be a debutante after… Read more »

Why Paris? Grandmere A Betty and Art

I’ve always wanted to go to Paris–to see the museums, the bistros, the jardins, and experience the ambience. As many of you may know, I’m a painter and graphic artist. I’ve drawn and painted (though somewhat sporadically) since I was six years old when I won an award for “A Bride and Her Horse“. In… Read more »

11/1: End of the Rainbow: Last Post

The last stop on my Grand Tour was where I began, at my friend Annie’s in Brunswick, Maine. You can compare the two pics of the Androscoggin River ramp to see how long it took — from high summer to autumn. Annie was there when I arrived, reading her email. She’d had the other hip… Read more »

10/31-11/1: Halloween at Jan’s

Halloween. Woke up at the hotel in Binghamton and dawdled some because I thought I was pretty close to where Jan lived in Mt. Tremper (if I have the name right), near Woodstock, where if you blinked, you might end up in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, or Manhattan. But, of course, where someone like myself could… Read more »

10/28-10/31: Bee-lining to the Catskills

Heading out from Minneapolis, I did have a thought of visiting Chicago. I had wanted to take a picture of Jackson Park, where my aunt Ruby and Clarence Darrow’s ashes were spread and perhaps seeing if I couldn’t track down some information from the University of Chicago, or perhaps meet with a Mrs. Weinberg, who’s… Read more »

10/26-10/28: Dead deer and Darrow

It wasn’t very far from Avoca to my next stop in Owatonna, Minnesota. As often happens, the scenery changed abruptly crossing the border to a kind of sturdy, wholesome autumn. There was a feeling of vast emptiness, but perhaps, from my point of view, more friendly — more trees and squirrels, wildlife, and hunters. Minnesota,… Read more »

10/22-10/26: Judiciously Dawdling: the Mobile Retreat

Update: Just to let you all know, I’m back in Halifax, as you probably guessed by now. I got a case of positional dizziness due to long hours spent at the wheel and it’s taken me about a week and a half to recover. So, I will finish up the blog so you’ll know what… Read more »

10/18-21/07: Dancing Between the Sunbeams

Update: Today (Halloween) sees me at a Clarion Hotel in Binghampton, New York, on my way to Jan Wilcox’s to visit for the night and then back to Annie Cooper in Brunswick, Maine, on the last leg back home. It’s been a while since I last wrote. Stan and his family are OK. Crestline, where… Read more »

10/24/07: Update: Lake Arrowhead fire

Hi out there. Just thought I’d let you know, I spoke with my son Stan yesterday. Here’s his report: As background, Stan lives in Crestline, California, up the mountain from Lake Arrowhead, a center of one of the big fires in San Bernadino/L.A. On Monday night he had packed up his car in case of… Read more »

10/12/07: To Crestline the Back Way

Well friends, I now have a quiet moment when my son Stan is at work, Sarah, my almost-four-years-old granddaughter, and daughter-in-law Kristen are at childcare or teaching. I was going to try and go from Howard’s house in Richmond via San Simeon to pause and take pics of Hearst Castle to go with the Pan’s… Read more »