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10/07-11: Bay Area: Joe Lutrell, Law Antiquarian

S.F. Women’s Center on Mission Street photo galleryI arrived safely into the Bay Area on Sunday, the 7th, and moved nicely into my son Zeb’s dad’s spare room in Richmond. Howard has a beautiful place that I find very safe and peaceful. He’s a student of crazy wisdom master, Kusung Lingpa and spends a lot… Read more »

10/06-07/07: Luci Ungar, Artist

I arrived at Luci’s in good time — early afternoon. Luci’s been through a lot and has recently moved from her memory-filled ancestral house in Corte Madera, California, to her own trailer home in Sonoma. It’s not a teeny type trailer. It’s double width and in a nice residential area. She has a garden she’s… Read more »

10/05-06/07: R&R at the Mandels

Today, Friday, after all the excitements and long drivings, I went down to Davis to visit my sangha friends, Joel and Sarah Mandel. Of course, I had to get lost. Last time I visited them was on New Years Eve 2005, right after my mom died. It was during the Pineapple Express (a heavy rainfall… Read more »

10/05/07: The Langdells

The next day I got up early to visit what I’m calling my “god parents,” even though, as you know, non-theism reigns supreme. Heh. Libby and Joe have known my mom since she was in College. She and Libby went to the Chicago Institute of Art back in the 40s. Joe is 93 and had… Read more »

10/04/07: A Quality Inn Graphic Detail

I spent the whole day on Thursday, the 4th, travelling from Oregon to Yuba City. It was really a long way, through redwood forests, along the Coast of Calfiornia, and then left through to Clear Lake and on into the dark and lightning-struck night of Central California listending to a NPR (National Public Radio) station… Read more »

10/04/07: Square Pants and Lone Sticks

My brother gave me the day off, which was very sweet of him, to go and visit the lawyer, Don, down in Brookings (not too far from Gold Beach –– about 20 miles). I let him pick one of my photos as a thank you for all the work he did for my brother and… Read more »

10/03/07: Crab Shack and Dinosaurs

The next day my brother wanted to drive up the Coast to Brandon where we were going to have lunch at the Crazy Norwegians (as per Jan Wilcox, whose sister has a flower shop, that used to be a gas station right next door), but it wasn’t open, so we went to the Dock, a… Read more »

10/01-02/07: Rustic Cabins & The Mother Tree

Last night I arrived in Gold Beach and found a great place to stay for a few days while I visited my brother. It was called the Ireland’s Rustic Lodges. I highly recommend it. I got a discount for being over 60, so it cost $80/night — pricey, but better than some others. It had… Read more »

10/25-29/07: Discovering lineage, the Hamerstrom/Paulsons

Today, Tuesday, we went up to Crater Lake, an old volcano lake with a cone shaped tree-covered island in the middle called “Wizard’s Island.” Crater lake is amazing, the reflections of the sky make you dizzy, not knowing whether you are looking up or down. Elva and I traded turns using her camera to take… Read more »

9/24/07: vultures and cheetahs, oh my!

Well, I arrived safely at my cousins Elva and Dale’s house in Roseburg. Quite tired but happy. I was a little nervous driving in, but that was dispelled immediately by the warm welcome I received. Elva looked like her pic (she sent me one standing next to a Cheetah), long grey braid, plaid shirt, white… Read more »