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Why Paris? Grandmere A Betty and Art

I’ve always wanted to go to Paris–to see the museums, the bistros, the jardins, and experience the ambience. As many of you may know, I’m a painter and graphic artist. I’ve drawn and painted (though somewhat sporadically) since I was six years old when I won an award for “A Bride and Her Horse“. In… Read more »

L’Alliance Francaise et Petanque

Having secured a place to stay, I decided it would be good to learn French before I went, so I signed up at L’Alliance Francaise down on Young Street, in Halifax. I can’t recommend it highly enough. It’s so much fun! I’m in debutante deux (wow, I didn’t know I could be a debutante after… Read more »

7 July — surprise laser surgery

So much excitement about going to Paris, fulfilling the beginning of a dream . . . of course, there had to be a dön (Buddhist term for “obstacle” or maybe fruition of a negative karmic situation) on the very day of my departure. In this case it was a detached retina. As said, I’d been… Read more »

Vincenne: The hood

Thought I’d show you a few pics from right around where I’m staying in the ville of Vincenne just southeast of the 1000-hectare Bois (forest) de Vincenne, in the 12th arrondisement of Paris proper. I haven’t really explored it yet, but it has a zoological park with a man-made mountain for the zoo’s population of… Read more »

July 8: Into the Fray, Le Champs Elysee

8 July 2008 To the left here is a pic I took at the bottom of the stairs going down to the Metro from the Chateau de Vincennes stop. A little old lady hobbled up to me on her two canes demanding to know whether or not I’d taken her picture, but no, unless she… Read more »

The Ring, the 3 Things, and the Louvre

The Mona Lisa

I’m going to try and catch up for the last three days (Wednesday until Friday). It was a busy time as I decided finally to do the tourist thing. I’m not convinced that I’m too much a classical tourist. The Ring Fairly early (for me) on Wednesday morning, I took the Metro to the Palais… Read more »

10 July: Le Tour Eiffel

Today, Thursday, I used the first day of my Batobus (Boat-Bus) pass to travel along the Seine and see the Eiffel Tower. It seemed the easiest way to get to it, as it’s way off the Route 1 Metro line. It was a little bit of a disappointment because the Batobus was all enclosed with… Read more »

Later on July 10: Flourish and Blotts

I’m sitting in my room on Sunday evening writing this blog and listening to what are obviously fireworks, maybe getting ready for tomorrow night, the Catorze Julliet (Bastille Day). I’m going to try and figure out how to get downtown to see them, though they are at the Eiffel Tower and begin at 10:45 p.m.,… Read more »

July 11: Paris Does Dour

I have to say, today was a rather dour day. Paris somehow seems to have a distinct personality (or Shambhalians might call it– a drala) and when it’s not happy, it’s obvious. I got up late and ended getting to the Musee D’Orsay, where the Impressionists are housed, with only an hour to peruse the… Read more »

July 14: From the Sacred . . . Notre Dame . . .

Let Them Eat Cake or Maybe Chips Well, I began this day with some high hopes and expectations — always a dangerous way to start a day. Today, for those who might not know, is the Quatorze de Juilliet — the day the people stormed and burned down the Bastille (prison) in 1789 — the… Read more »