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July 14: . . . to the Dudly Mundane

After all the historical intensity of monument visits, I decided it was time to eat.  I bought a salad and a “chevre” sandwich, which I ended up giving to a woman and her son, who were sitting on the sidewalk before and after I visited the Canadian Embassy a few days later.  Also gave them… Read more »

July 14: . . . to the secular . . .

After finishing up at Sainte Chapelle, I went out to the rue and took a left and a left and headed into what’s called the Conciergerie. It’s most notorious, though temporary, inhabitant was Marie Antoinette. In 1358, the royal family moved out of the Ile de la Cite and over to the Louvre (wasn’t a… Read more »

July 14: . . . Ste Chapelle . . .

As promised, here is the other photo of the live marionette of probably Victorian vintage, that saw me off from the courtyard of Notre Dame and on to my wander across the Seine, where I got lost in a few blocks, then wandered back, having decided to visit Sainte Chapelle, highly recommended by my friend… Read more »

Interlude: News You Can Use

Spent all day today, Thursday, the 17th, trying to get bucks out of Paris. Before I left Vincenne, I queried the web and found an address and phone number for the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC). Took the Metro, got off at Franklin D. Roosevelt (yup, an official stop on the Champs Elysee) and walked… Read more »